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Because Rob Abhors FanFiction.Net
New Harper Lee book - "Go Set A Watchman"
A Lifetime of Cold Lima Zulus (THE 'NAM THREAD)
Watership Down
Words of Radiance
Assassin's Creed: Brahman
Favorite Genres
Bioshock: Rapture
Decided to Self-Publish
Mass Effect: Deception (ragecomic edition)
Webcomic discussion.
The Long Walk
Book Reviews
New Spiderman Comic!
Metro 2033
It's not e-books killing the literary industry, it's this.
The Other Side
Old Books...
Gears of War comics are doing the Pendulum Wars
Mass Effect
Death Troopers
Anyone know of any good war books?
What the f...?
Old Books
Political In Books
The Host. Fuck.
The Recommendation Game
Gears of War - Jacinto's Remnant.
Fight Club
Private Libraries
What're You Reading Now?
What Fantasy Writer Are You?
The fanatsy epic
Comix Zone
Sherlock Holmes
Tom Clancy
Dan Brown
The Clash of Civilizations...
Scott Lynch - The Lies of Locke Lamora (review)
Alastair Reynolds - Revelation Space (review)
Time Travelling Vikings, Turned Navy Seals, Erotica?
Any books you kiddies recommend?
Neil Postman
World War Z
Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn (Review)
Need recommendations
Dreams from my Father - Barack Obama
The Most Dangerous Game
Michael Chrichton
The Road; Cormac McCarthy
Gears of War: Aspho Fields
You know what would be brilliant?
The Wheel of Time series
Dynasty - Travis Knight
Engines of Creation
The Essentials
Favorite Authors
Pride and Predjudce
mass effect
5 Fave Oldies
How cool...
Revelation Space
I Am Legend
The Caine Mutiny
Contact Havest.
Lord Foul vs Lord Voldemort: Ultimate bad guy showdown!
Stephen Colbert Book
Harry Potter
The 41st millenium... Only in death does duty end.
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever.
best mythology
Prose Edda (Norse Mythology Discussion)
Favorite Mythology
Fantasy Genre discussion
Favorite book or piece.
Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini
What makes Tolkien So Good
Mein Kampf Expanded Version
Farley Mowat
Captain Underpants
gaunts ghosts
Heart of Darkness
New Harry potter book
Stephen King
Children of Hurin
Halo as a Fiction Universe
Star Wars?
Book Forum Rules
Lord of the Rings
Stephen Ambrose's Final Book!
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