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Science and Philosophy
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What do you want future smart phones to do?
DAMN Nature, you scary
The Orchid Mantis
On Women
America's fetish for the gun
The single, most critical question.
Three-Dimensional YouTube Video
3D Printed Instruments
The greatest technological advancement or our generation.
Human Nature and the Study of Pornography
Space Engine
Practical Virtual Reality
Favorite Sci-Fi Conceit
New bionics so sci-fi it hurts
Behold: the Dragon V2, motherfuckers!
What lies past the Veil?
Grandmother Uses Oculus Rift as Therapy.
Ethics of Cryonics?
Actual Science 101
movie training montage and now have some resistance to laser
How Astronauts Wash Their Hands In Zero-G
The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense
Worth of human life in capitalist societies
Please tell me there's an answer to this...
20 US States want to secede from the United States.
Linux and Steam and NVidea and stuff.
fact or fiction
evil vs evil
Exclusive: Pioneering scientists turn fresh air into petrol
Pirate Bay Ascends to the Clouds.
Act of Kindness, or Theft?
Monte Judah, the antichrist, and my mother
Man Made Ancient Pyramids Found on Antarctica
LED screens. ohmygodimborednow
I am sick of this political bias.
Can Fandom Change Society?
Pew pew! Pew! MASERS!
Trillion frames/second photography.
The Incredibly Overdue 'build-a-computer' thread.
Scientist claims jellyfish-like aliens exist
Violence in Humanity
I'm calling you out, SKORGE [Illuminati]
Dat Higgs
NASA's Hubble Shows Milky Way/Andromeda Galaxy --
Scientists, Those Crazy Scientists
Sums of consecutive squares
Why are Criminals Glorified in Today's Society?
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Slipping, Dimensionally
Tupac Hologram Live at Coachella
What is the purpose of life?
Russia Plans Moon Base, Mars Networked by 2030
Are you in the need of an egotistical inflation?
It's like this, but it goes to eleven.
Child license
What if...
Shark conservation contradiction coversation
The 'Bro Code.'
I need someone to help me.
Has the world ever truly been innocent?
AdamFenix's Philosophical Expierences
What the FUCK is THIS?
Was the Atomic Bomb really a sound decision?
The Human Nation.
The Seven Bridges of Königsberg
The Fun and Joys and B.S of Pseudoscience
You are presented with three doors.
Science- The poetry of Reality
NASA Astrobiology press conference
The USA is rotting away
My problem.
F-ing universe, how does it work?
Is the Cleverbot secretly sentient?
Money and Work
The Ultimate Sacrifice
"Video games can never be art"
So Descartes walks into a bar...
Silly Math Trick.
I know it sounds stupid, but I've been thinkin'..
0.999... is exactly equal to 1.
The Value of Earning Things
The Dark Forces. (Rustle rustle) (Shiver shiver)
Transhumanism, or, How i learned to love the Machine
Think, B4 You Speak! A Rant.
Could you live with infamy?
Do you believe in god?
Life in Outer Space
What would you do if...
Crossing the Rubicon
So pissed I want to kill someone, AARGH
After the End
Are we human...
What would you say?
America's dramatic Shift!
World War II Hatred
Old Verus New...
A summary of Free will vs Determinism positions
The multiple personality syndrome.
Verdad Amo; True Love
End of the World 2012?!?
Global Warming
Time travel paradox
Why do We Complain!?
100 Greatest Quotes From Fundemental Christians
War on Christmas
Secularism vs. Theocracy
Racism and Religion
Irrational v Ration: Can they coexist? And can God be Finite
Who would win?
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